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RE: tor path length

So if I wanted to modfiy a client proxy (assume this is modifed to allow 1 hop) to do one hop, will the other
relays (not modified) in my private network reject the connection?

> Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 20:34:08 -0400
> From: arma@xxxxxxx
> To: or-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: tor path length
> On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 05:17:14PM -0700, skaoth skaoth wrote:
> > I've setup a private Tor network to do some testing on. I'm trying
> > to find out how to change the default path length to a client specified
> > value. I'm interested in both values less and greater than the default.
> [...]
> > Is this hardcoded into the executable? Will I have to modify the source
> > to allow this?
> It's hard-coded. Part of the intuition for that is described here:
> https://wiki.torproject.org/noreply/TheOnionRouter/TorFAQ#VariablePathLength
> You can change it in the code -- look at the desired_path_len element.
> We periodically hear from users who think Tor is great but it's too slow,
> and they don't want that stupid anonymity stuff anyway, and if they
> could just use it as a set of single-hop proxies they'd be happy.
> Note that most Tor relays won't let you do one-hop paths, and that's a
> security feature for the relay: to quote from the above FAQ entry,
> "Currently there is no reason to suspect that investigating a single
> relay will yield user-destination pairs, but if many people are using
> only a single hop, we make it more likely that attackers will seize or
> break into relays in hopes of tracing users."
> Hope that helps,
> --Roger

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