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TOR:NFOrce.nl:ESA:(unknownp2p esa?):via prq.to

checking the legal models: (check with  support@xxxxxxxxx re other
cases, prq is not technically involved)

1: claim is intrinsicly invalid (wipo!=berne)

2: tor is a service in your country

3: ESA methods illegal in US and intl laws

4: ISP should not have audienced the claim, forward is expected, but not valid.

5: attempts to extort $ = intl wire fraud, another message is illegal ()

6: 0 liability for you if exit node was "managed" as per tor master
authority (same basis as bt, etc) (and same method used to monitor and
automatically request foreign entity taps by watching only the master
auth in us/uk)

7: please warn on the legal precident attempts by these thugs. EFF is
NOT clean, but ESA claim is totally invalid.

8: I have addressed nforce.nl and prq et al about dns bindings,
trackers can be resolved to ip, but should not be bound to dns

9: the only way ESA could have that data is if they themselves were
trafficing the files. Therefore, ESA has committed intl crimes as
evidenced in that email, contact your federal police.

10: ESA does not exist, the email is "spam" and wire fraud. ;)