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Re: tor with OpenDNS as default DNS, using Firefox+FoxyProxy

     On Sat, 4 Apr 2009 17:48:45 -0700 (PDT) Tripple Moon
<tripple.moon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>This is my 1st posting to this list but nevertheless ill start straight away with a question/problem if you all don't mind :)
>The scenario i want to accomplish is:
>Using the tor network while DNS queries are resolved using the DNS-servers of OpenDNS without tor complaining with warnings about client supplying only IP-addresses.
>What i have done sofar is:
>1) I have setup my firefox to use FoxyProxy to contact tor on my localmachine on its default 9050 port as socks proxy.
>   I have _disabled_ "Use socks proxy for DNS lookups".
>   My scenario-goal works but, this gives the very annoying warning messages, which btw are ofcourse totally to be expected in this case.
>2) Same as (1) but this time have _enabled_ "Use socks proxy for DNS lookups".
>   My scenario-goal does _not_ work because the DNS queries are resolved by the tor-exit point.

     Yes, that is correct.  The exit relay is supposed to handle all
name-to-addresss resolution.

>3) Same as (2) but this time i used the follwing config options in torrc:
>   'ServerDNSResolvConfFile C:\Program Files\Tor\resolv.conf' and 'ServerDNSDetectHijacking 0'
>   With the OpenDNS servers, correctly, listed in the 'resolv.conf' file.

     You are running tor as a relay, as well as as a client?  Your 3) affects
only relay operations, of course, not client operations.  And, AFAIK, the only
relay operations affected are exit services, so unless you're running tor as
an exit relay, the stuff you did in 3) should effectively change nothing.

>   My scenario-goal does _still_not_ work because the DNS queries are still seemingly resolved by the tor-exit point.

>So uhmm....Anyone have any ideas how i can accomplish my scenario-goal?
     You haven't mentioned your reason(s) for wanting to do such a thing.
I surmise that you do not intend to use tor for anonymity but rather for some
other end, such as tunneling through a firewall.  tor, however, is designed
with the aim of preserving anonymity, so it issues those messages to let the
user/operator know that some application *may* be breaking anonymity.  If
your aim is different from that of tor, you may just have to put up with the
messages.  Given that the messages are logged to a file, if anywhere, is that
a problem?  You don't *have* to look at them, after all.

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