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PurpleOnion: HS Address Generator (+ Managed Router Impl?)

Hello all,

I wanted to let the Tor community know about a little side project of
mine, a .onion address generator.

Basically, all that it does is generate RSA key-pairs, determine the
associated onion address (as for a hidden service) and attempts to
match it to a provided regular expression. If there is a match, the
program exports the key to a directory in a ready-made format for use
as a hidden service directory. If there is not a match, the entropy
doesn't have to be wasted; the generated keys can be logged to a file
(933 bytes per onion). This file can then be read back in by the
program to test against other regular expressions.

The program is also setup to take advantage of multi-core machines for
the creation of RSA keys, though a there is a synchronous bottleneck
that I'm looking at removing in the near future to get a much better
speedup. Also, as I'll note later, this implementation is on top of
Mono. Thus, implementations with managed crypto stacks are slower than
those with native crypto stacks (.NET on Windows).

There are no shortcuts taken here in the address generation; if there
were any, then the security of hidden services in general would be
suspect. Only pure brute-force is used. Hence its utility is limited,
but if you wanted a hidden service that had, say "wiki" in the onion
address, this would help you get there (eventually). It does have
another application; if your entropy sink is just too darn random, the
onion generator will help you burn that excess digital entropy into
heat energy.

The onion generator is one part (and currently the only part) of a
greater project I'm calling PurpleOnion, short for Purple Onion
Router, mainly as I'm partial to the color. I started off by writing
the onion generator and found that I'd written a couple of reusable
components that, with some work, could be used in a greater exercise
to write another implementation of the Tor Onion Router.

PurpleOnion is written on the Mono framework in C# using MonoDevelop,
requires Mono 2.0 to compile, and is licensed under the MIT/X11
license. I've also tested the compiled binary copied into a Windows
environment (with Mono.Security available).  The program runs great on
Windows, and I added some exception handling to allow the compiled
binary to JIT properly even without OS Posix support.

The project is being hosted on github at:

The repository is still a little bit dirty as I work on figuring out
namespacing, so the Makefile is out of service. You can compile using
MonoDevelop, but if you have gmcs, the following command in the
repository root should get you a properly built generator:
# gmcs -t:exe -o:build/Por.OnionGenerator.exe \
 -r:System -r:System.Core -r:Mono.Security \
 -r:Mono.Posix src/Por.OnionGenerator/*.cs
# mono Por.OnionGenerator.exe --help

I'd love to hear comments, both on the .onion address generator in
specific and the possibility of a compliant onion router on a managed
Marcus Griep
Ακακια את.ψο´, 3°

(Excuse the double post if it occurred; I first sent this from an
un-subscribed address)