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Re: Internet censorship in Germany is now official

On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 06:26:35PM +0200, Niels Grewe wrote:

> >Tor nodes are not affected by the law.
> At least not directly, but their operators could be more prone to be  
> implicated in some police investigation, because an exit-node IP may  

I was cited twice to the local police station, and recieved one fax
from the BKA in regards to trafficking in pedophilia when I used to run an
exit node. I shudder to think what what "more prone" is going to mean.

> repeatedly appear in the log files of the pages where blocked requests  
> will be redirected to.
> Still, saying that censorship is now "official" might be a bit of a 

It doesn't matter, given http://zensurprovider.de/liste.php
By hook or by crook.
> exaggeration. There is now an offical initiative by the government,  
> the bill has still to be passed by the parliament.

Given the track record so far, Germany is finished.

I suggest emigration (while it is still possible), or getting 
ready for armed resistance. Nothing else is going to help.

I wish I was kidding.

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