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Re: Version checking (was Re: 25 tbreg relays in directory)

Tripple Moon (29.04.2009 17:33):
>> And if somebody wanted to circumvent, I would think the
>> client could be
>> modified so that when it claimed to be uploading itself, it
>> was actually
>> uploading a copy of an unmodified binary.  Am I missing
>> something?
> Well yea thats upto the implementation of this behavior, and i wholeheartedly would suggest to _not_ allow any uploads of external files.
> By external files i mean using file-open routines, it should only upload the current running instance of the tor-application.
> And ofcourse like you already mentioned they could create a modified version which indeed does what you say.
> So this is a hard-egg to crack for me personally atm :)

There is no way in the Universe to accomplish this. Do you see much (if
any) unbreakable DRM systems around? Think about this for awhile.

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