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Re: Version checking (was Re: 25 tbreg relays in directory)

On 29.04.09 12:33, Tripple Moon wrote:
>> Also what would be gained from a CRC based on the *binary*?
>> Wouldn't that change according to the system that compiled it?
> Yes it *will* chance depending on the compiled (source-)version and architecture and compiler used.
> But those variables are far less in quantity as the possible individual modified versions....
It will not only change with architecture, exact versions of compiler and OS,
and source code revision (think of all the people using the svn/git repo), but
also with compiler options controlling optimization/code generation, ABI,
statically vs. dynamically linked libs and probably a bunch of other. As you
combine all these you create a huge amount of possible permutations.
But it is anyway useless, because any client can upload any data it wants to
and claim it is its own binary.
BTW: Do you know, that there are independent implementations of Tor based on
the official design documents? And that this is actually encouraged by the
authors of Tor?
BTW2: Your approach of locking out other implementations contradicts any idea
of open source and inter-operability.