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Re: a problem about run tor bridge

     On Wed, 24 Mar 2010 10:35:05 +0800 "wang.wang.test"
<wang.wang.test@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>ÓÚ 2010-3-24 10:19, torsecurity дµÀ:
>> Hi, everyone!
>> My computer is behind a NAT and I can connect to the Tor network
>> directly ( not using Tor bridges although I am in China). Now I want
>> to configure my tor as a bridge to let my friend connect to the Tor
>> network. His IP is 172.18.12.xxx. My configuration file looks like:
>> BridgeRelay 1
>> ContactInfo hegaofeng at seu dot edu dot cn
>> ControlPort 9051
>> ExitPolicy reject *:*
>> Log notice stdout
>> Nickname ORhgf
>> ORPort 443
>> PublishServerDescriptor 0
>> RelayBandwidthBurst 10485760
>> RelayBandwidthRate 5242880
>> And my bridge information is:
>> But this dosen't work. The Vidalia is always stopping at "Loading
>> relay information...".
>> I use Wireshark and find the TLS handshake is normal.
>> Can anyone tell me why? Thanks a lot!
>> 2010-03-24
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Gaofeng He
>first, you can't run any tor service behind NAT unless you can configure
>your firewall/NAT in order to enable port forwarding. By the way, what

     Actually, I think you've overstated that a little bit.  Hidden services
can be offered by client-only systems and therefore can do so behind a NATing
router without any port forwarding beyond what the NAT is already doing.

>the hell is Who can connect to that thing?

     Well, one would certainly hope that it's not his real address, now
that he's publicized it as being supposedly a bridge address.  As far as your
second question is concerned, let us hope that the answer is "no one".
>second, I do not think "Loding relay information..." has anything to do
>with your recent bridge configuration.
     In this, you are most likely correct.  To offer a relay of any type
behind a NATing router, one does have to configure the router with the
appropriate RDR for port forwarding, although I confess I've never played
with BINAT and therefore have no idea whether there might be a way to make
it work for tor.

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