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Cannot Download Bridges

Greetings from SE Asia,

I've been unable to download bridges in the 1.3.3 version of the
tor-browser bundle for windows, when attempting to download bridges
via Settings>Network>Find Bridges Now.

Each time I attempt to download bridges I receive the following:

"Unable to download bridges: HTTP request failed".

I've attempted to acquire bridges, using the above described method,
on several occasions during the last week - each time receiving the
same notification.

Is it possible this connection is being blocked from within the
country where I'm attempting to retrieve the bridges (Thailand) or
perhaps from somewhere else?

I also noticed the same problem with the previous version of the tor
browser bundle for windows, so it would not seem to necessarily be a
*new* problem.

Of course I've been able to obtain & successfully use bridges using
the other [documented] means of acquiring bridges but I'm left
wondering why this connection problem is happening and if anyone else
was having similar problems either in Thailand or elsewhere?

Any thoughts?


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