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Re: [or-talk] where are the exit nodes gone?

     On Tue, 13 Apr 2010 08:43:21 +0200 Olaf Selke <olaf.selke@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Scott Bennett schrieb:
>>      In any case, your Xeon(s) ought to be able to benefit considerably from
>> running your gargantuan tor process in 4 MB pages instead of 4 KB pages.
>the old blutmagie exit running in 2007-2009 which serves my tns pages is
>equipped with two Xeon cpus from the old P4 Prestonia architecture. The
>exit node anonymizer2.blutmagie.de has one c2d E8600 cpu. Cause tor
>process basically spends all cpu time within one thread, a slower
>clocked quad/multicore wouldn't speed up anything.
     Either I forgot (probable) or you didn't mention before (less probable)
that you had moved it to a newer machine.  Whatever you're running it on,
superpages or LINUX's "huge" pages ought to speed tor up considerably by
drastically reducing TLB misses.  (I wasn't suggesting that you revert to
older hardware.  I was thinking that you were still running tor on the Xeon-
based machine.)

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