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Problems with Vidalia freezing up

This has just started in the past 3 days. I first had a network drop
signal. Called the ip provider and they came out a did a signal test
and found it was low and fixed that.

However it did not fix my problem. Vidalia has been freezing up
several times in the past 4 days. With it progressively getting worse.
I have had to reboot the computer 2 times so far today and reboot
vidalia 4 times today.

In checking the logs, am not able to find any reason for it to
lock/freeze up. Naturally it has been frustration since it keeps me
from staying online. On the tor logs, there is a number of eventdns
issues, but that is not unusual as it corrects it self generally with
in less than a couple of seconds.

I have run out of ideas. Any ideas on what to look for?

I did notice that my inbound and outbound connections have increased a
lot and am not sure if that may be the issue causing the freeze.

I am on Win Svr 2008rc.  Also running Tor ver.  and Vidalia
ver 0.2.7 . Not sure what else info one might need.

Any ideas on what to do next?


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