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Eventdns: All name servers have failed

After several hours of searching thru the archives, googling, etc;
trying to find answers for what is causing this error and what to do
about it.

I could find a lot of bug tickets, and a lot of issues about it, but
didn't seem to locate a fix for it except there were several for the
Linux OS.

I did not find anything on the Windows Svr side of the problem. I had
this issues with Win Xp, but did not have it with Win 7. Now I am
having it with WIn Svr 2008.

Was there a fix or a solution for it, or was it determined that it was
not important enough to worry about at the time, since generally it
would correct it self with in less than a second most of the time and
continue to work till it happened again?

I have had 5 of these warnings now in 12 hrs today. To me that seems
kind of excessive, but maybe its just me.

The last 2 warnings were exactly 1 hour apart. But as I mentioned
earlier, it lasts for last than a second.

Any ideas or solutions?

Thanks for the help and assistance.

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