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Re: BadExit flag still needed for PrivacyNow...

     On Sun, 18 Apr 2010 21:29:04 -0700 Jacob Appelbaum <jacob@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Roger Dingledine wrote:
>> On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 11:59:31PM -0500, Scott Bennett wrote:
>>>      My weather satellite images got blocked again, due to the Privacy=
>>> exit using OpenDNS with a misconfigured account and the fact that
>>> ExcludeExitNodes still doesn't work reliably.  Will the the authority
>>> operators *please* stick a BadExit flag onto that router's entry in th=
>>> consensus?  Thanks!
>> Sebastian just confirmed for me that it was really happening, so I've
>> set the BadExit flag for moria1. I agree that dns filtering is a good
>> reason for earning the BadExit flag.
>> Once tor26 or ides set it also, it should take effect.
>I've also set the authdirbadexit on urras for the PrivacyNow node.

     Thanks, Jake.
>It seems like we should make a baddns flag at some point.

     I've been turning that over in my mind for day or two now, and I'm
still trying to think of why we would need it.  What the authorities
would communicate to clients is basically, "Don't use this node as an
exit."  Well, we already have a flag for that.  We also have a flag
("Invalid") that says, "Don't use this node at all", which could have
been used to deal with the "throughput capacity exaggeration" attack--
which the tor network is *not* known to have ever experienced--quite
easily, rather than the frankly ham-handed method that was implemented
     If you're worried about a NORDO relay operator like PrivacyNow's
operator who discovers his/her node has been assigned a BadExit flag
and wants to know why, that operator can always write to tor-ops@ to
find out.  Perhaps a note to that effect regarding all cautionary flags--
is there still a bad directory flag, as referenced on the torstatus
page?--(e.g., BadExit, Invalid) could be added to the torproject.org
web pages somewhere.

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