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Re:Eventdns: All name servers have failed

     On Mon, 19 Apr 2010 19:00:20 -0500 David Carlson
<carlson.dl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>I am a newbie here, so perhaps this is an overly naive response to this

     All of us have been at some point.


     Your discussion below presents one plausible explanation.
>I am using Windows XP and I am behind a digital modem provided by AT&T. 
>  That modem is the DNS for my local network.

     Does your LAN have any non-Windows systems on it on which you might
more easily run a name server of your own?
>I see that message at times when I think that AT&T is re-booting that=20
>modem (lately that is at least once a night), which would make the DNS

     Why do you think that is happening?  Does it have a column of lights
that show a distinct pattern when the modem is reinitializing itself?

>un-available for a short time.

     Another possibility is that the other end of the connection is on
an ISP subnet that is momentarily flooded with traffic, resulting in your
LAN's queries or the ISP's name server's responses from completing their
trips before the timeout period expires.  The default timeout period for
DNS queries these days is normally only 3 s.
>I am sure there are other possible causes, but when this is suspected, I
>would just let the notes fill up the log.
     It's certainly worth further investigation.  A phone call to the ISP
to find out what its policies and practices are about daily reboots and
so on might be well worth your time.

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