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Re: Eventdns: All name servers have failed

On Fri, Apr 16, 2010 at 02:44:30PM -0500, Jon wrote:
> After several hours of searching thru the archives, googling, etc;
> trying to find answers for what is causing this error and what to do
> about it.
> I could find a lot of bug tickets, and a lot of issues about it, but
> didn't seem to locate a fix for it except there were several for the
> Linux OS.
> Was there a fix or a solution for it, or was it determined that it was
> not important enough to worry about at the time, since generally it
> would correct it self with in less than a second most of the time and
> continue to work till it happened again?

i have been seeing these for a couple of years
while running Tor servers on debian and ubuntu and
nobody deemed them important enough to worry about
and they didnt seem to affect the machine much.
perhaps they are of concern for Tor network performance?

> I have had 5 of these warnings now in 12 hrs today. To me that seems
> kind of excessive, but maybe its just me.
> The last 2 warnings were exactly 1 hour apart. But as I mentioned
> earlier, it lasts for last than a second.

Yes that is the pattern i see too.

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