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Re: Tor-friendly dedicated hosting

On Sat, Apr 17, 2010 at 12:58:57PM -0500, Bill Weiss wrote:
> My apologies if there's some canonical source for this I'm missing.  I
> didn't see anything in the archives of the list for the last couple of
> months, and I don't remember seeing anything like this any time recently.
> My soon-to-be-former dedicated hosting company, 1&1, has informed me they
> are terminating my account at the end of this billing cycle (~1 month).
> The reason for this is repeated DMCA notices about my tor node (clanspum).
> I didn't get much warning about this.  There have been a total of 5
> (including the one with the "get lost" note attached) forwarded to me by
> their legal department at a rate of about one per month.  I don't know
> what started this trend, as I hadn't had one in the 3+ years before that
> running an exit on one of their machines.
Please fee free to update that page under the appropriate region heading
if your ex-ISP is not listed.  Laws and practice and availability vary
quite a bit with country and ISP.  I think there was an ISP policy 
comparison project underway but i cannot find the reference atm.

See also this blog posting for prevention of problems in future:

FWIW i also get about one abuse notice a month for my node that carries
about 300KB/s or 1.6TB/month.  They have been about DMCA, spam, and IRC.

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