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Tor-friendly dedicated hosting

My apologies if there's some canonical source for this I'm missing.  I
didn't see anything in the archives of the list for the last couple of
months, and I don't remember seeing anything like this any time recently.
Doubly my apologies if this comes across as a commercial message or other
content that isn't welcome here.

My soon-to-be-former dedicated hosting company, 1&1, has informed me they
are terminating my account at the end of this billing cycle (~1 month).
The reason for this is repeated DMCA notices about my tor node (clanspum).
I didn't get much warning about this.  There have been a total of 5
(including the one with the "get lost" note attached) forwarded to me by
their legal department at a rate of about one per month.  I don't know
what started this trend, as I hadn't had one in the 3+ years before that
running an exit on one of their machines.

They haven't explicitly referred to Tor in their notices, but I had it
running on its own IP, so I can be sure it isn't one of my local users.
Each notice was responded to promptly with the EFF's form response,
tailored to the notice.  Oh well.

Anyway, I'm currently looking for another hosting company.  In the short
term I'll be moving to a VPS so that I don't have a gap in service, but
that's not an appropriate place to run a Tor exit from for a variety of

Can anyone recommend a hosting provider that won't can me for responsibly
running a Tor server?  Or, barring that, help me figure out what I need to
be asking?  My budget is up to about $150/mo.  The current server is a
"AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+" with 2GB RAM and dual
250G SATA drives, with an allowance of ~1.5Tb/mo transfer.  Most of that
transfer is/was Tor.  My usage is email, web and miscellaneous shell
stuff.  Other than the tor server, there isn't much going on here that
would cause the ire of a provider.

So far I've been asking about SWIPing IPs to me (so that I can receive
abuse@ and deal with it appropriately).  However, not a lot of providers
are willing to do that without a good reason.

Thanks for any input you have.

As well, as you can imagine, my node is down until I get this resolved.

Bill Weiss
Scissors Kills Paper, Rock; Turns Blade on Self
    -- Tomboko, plastic.com

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