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Re: TOR Not Starting after upgrade

On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 09:45:56PM -0500, Edward Langenback wrote:
> > I've just upgraded to vidalia-bundle- and now TOR is
> > not starting at all.  I've tried a full uninstall-reinstall with no
> > changes.
> Any ideas what the problem is?  I'm still getting the same behavior
> after several reboots and complete re-installs.

1) Your insecurity software may have detected changed .exe files and
   therefore blocked Tor from starting (it is easy to miss the prompt).

2) The Tor might have started but browsing though it with Firefox 
   not be working due to a legacy Privoxy hanging around (it was not
   automatically uninstalled by previous bundles for some reason)
   and occupying port 8118 so Polipo cannot start.

3) Check the Tor log file for other possibilities.  Check the Windows
   Events log for related System and Application events.

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