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Re: [or-talk] Re: huge pages, was where are the exit nodes gone?

Christian Kujau wrote:
> On Tue, 13 Apr 2010 at 05:58, Scott Bennett wrote:
>> and straighten us out.  Remember that Olaf runs the highest-load-bearing
>> tor node in our whole network, and there are at least two or four dozen
>> others that should be considered heavyweight relays that are also on LINUX
>> systems.
> ...and some of them are running on old notebooks and the tor process is 
> only a few megabytes in size :-|

In the end of all days tor traffic has to pass thru the exit nodes.
About 50% of all traffic leave tor network thru the top 15 exit nodes
only. If they can't cope with their load all nifty tor ports for
smartphones, dsl routers or whatsoever acting as entry or middle man
will be in vain.

> However, if it turns out that using hugepages in Linux would help larger 
> Tor installations (and "superpages" can be recommended for *BSD systems[0]
> as well), maybe this can be documented somehwere under doc/ or in the 
> wiki. But let's see how Olaf's experiment turns out.

process size is still growing:

anonymizer2:~# hugeadm --pool-list
      Size  Minimum  Current  Maximum  Default
   2097152      100      313     1000        *

It appears memory consumption with the wrapped Linux malloc() is still
larger than than with openbsd-malloc I used before. Hugepages don't
appear to work with openbsd-malloc.

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