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This is just a follow up on a question I had asked.

On March 20, 2010 I asked a question about a volume (MacFUSE), that showed up in my
System Preferences window. (Mac OS X 10.5.2)

I deleted the volume and its preferences but True Crypt won't work.
I reinstalled the latest version of True Crypt and the MacFUSE volume was back in System Preferences.

Now, True Crypt works. I initially asked because when I first tried to uninstall MacFUSE, Tor wouldn't work!!!
That's why I thought there was a connection.

Tor wouldn't work until, I reinstalled MacFUSE. Actually it is more accurate to say, "until it somehow reinstalled itself."
Now, I'm not 100% sure of my memory in that regard as I couldn't open Vidalia/Tor first. I had to go through a True Crypt file first, but if memory serves me, the very first time I rid myself of MacFUSE, it was Tor that didn't work.

that's all. thanks