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Re: PrivacyNow is a BadExit (was Re: PrivacyNow node has misconfigured OpenDNS account)

On Apr 15, 2010, at 8:17 AM, Scott Bennett wrote:
Unfortunate (IMO), the latest versions have the support for .exit
either disabled or deleted, apparently leaving us no easy way to perform such tests. I've asked recently on this list whether some other easy way
were available, but have been met with silence, so I assume that there
still is none.

If you want the functionality, feel free to set the AllowDotExit config option
to 1. Note that this can't be recommended, because it opens you up for
attacks where the exit node can choose who your exit is going to be,
unless you use encrypted protocols when webbrowsing only.

# This file was generated by Tor; if youedit it, comments will not be pres=

I think the comment may be a lie. It's most likely a torrc produced by vidalia, not tor. (Someone please correct me if I've forgotten some special
case in which tor does rewrite a torrc.)

I think it is more likely that the file was written by Tor, via the SAFECONF
torctl command.

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