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RentalSponge exit-node cut off by ISP, uncertain future

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Hello list!

Just wanted to tell you that I just today got couple of copyright-abuses
from the servers ISP. They thought that the server was r00ted. I replied
them in a friendly manner, explained some Tor-stuff and directed them to
Tor's site which tells how Tor works. I also told them that I'm willing
to discuss more about Tor and answer any questions they have.

Before I rented the dedicated server I talked with the ISP about
tor-exit, explained it and they told that it was ok to run a tor-exit-node.

The server was a dedicated tor-exit, it's name was tor-proxy.domain.com
and reverse lookup gave the same name. On port 80 ran an Apache server
which had information that told about tor and that the server in case is
a dedicated tor-exit.

Bandwidth was limited to about 30Mb/s with burst up to 50Mb/s. It had a
100Mb/100Mb connection which was shared with other customers. The ISP
had a qos so one user could not hog all the bandwidht. I asked them
about the bandwidth hogging and they said it was okay to use as much as
I want, they handle the fair sharing of the bandwidth.

RentalSponge was middle-man at first. It ran as an exit about one week
before the ISP cut it off the net. For two first days the exit policy
was really open, only denied access to port 25 and to some private ip's
which had servers that had firewall based policies.

After two days I changed the exit-policy 'cause the cpu could not keep
up with crypting and decrypting onion skins. I changed the policy to
allow exit to ports 20, 21, 80 and 443.

I'm waiting for the ISP's answer to my email. The future of RentalSponge
is uncertain but if I in any way can run it as an exit-node I will.

I will inform this list as some new stuff comes up.


ps: as always, sorry for my bad "euro-english"

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