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Re: RentalSponge exit-node cut off by ISP - The end of RentalSponge

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Looks like the story of RentalSponge is over. I'm very sorry for this
but theres nothing I can do with my current ISP.

They said that running a tor-exit is now banned on their network. Before
I rented the server they said that I could run an exit node without any
interference from them. The point at renting a server from them was that
Tor was ok even when I told them that there is going to be dmca / abuse

The ISP in case is Tenue oy http://www2.tenue.fi/, a finnish ISP which
rent's virtual servers etc.

I'll try somehow to get some new server to run tor-exit with but it
could take a long time.


M wrote:
> Hello list!
> Just wanted to tell you that I just today got couple of copyright-abuses
> from the servers ISP. They thought that the server was r00ted. I replied
> them in a friendly manner, explained some Tor-stuff and directed them to
> Tor's site which tells how Tor works. I also told them that I'm willing
> to discuss more about Tor and answer any questions they have.
> Before I rented the dedicated server I talked with the ISP about
> tor-exit, explained it and they told that it was ok to run a tor-exit-node.
> The server was a dedicated tor-exit, it's name was tor-proxy.domain.com
> and reverse lookup gave the same name. On port 80 ran an Apache server
> which had information that told about tor and that the server in case is
> a dedicated tor-exit.
> Bandwidth was limited to about 30Mb/s with burst up to 50Mb/s. It had a
> 100Mb/100Mb connection which was shared with other customers. The ISP
> had a qos so one user could not hog all the bandwidht. I asked them
> about the bandwidth hogging and they said it was okay to use as much as
> I want, they handle the fair sharing of the bandwidth.
> RentalSponge was middle-man at first. It ran as an exit about one week
> before the ISP cut it off the net. For two first days the exit policy
> was really open, only denied access to port 25 and to some private ip's
> which had servers that had firewall based policies.
> After two days I changed the exit-policy 'cause the cpu could not keep
> up with crypting and decrypting onion skins. I changed the policy to
> allow exit to ports 20, 21, 80 and 443.
> I'm waiting for the ISP's answer to my email. The future of RentalSponge
> is uncertain but if I in any way can run it as an exit-node I will.
> I will inform this list as some new stuff comes up.
> M
> ps: as always, sorry for my bad "euro-english"
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