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Re: Very strange exit-node? Bad or evil exit-node?

On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 06:08:09AM +0000, James Brown wrote:
> The exit-node   which have ip and named
> anonymizer2.blutmagie.de behaves itself as probably an evil exit-node.
> I can't change it practically at all. When I give command "pkill -1 tor"
> to my system many times it remains as my exit-node.
> Futhermore, it remains as my exit node when I restart my tor-daemon
> through /etc/init.d/tor restart.
> I can change it only by restarting my local network router and my
> tor-daemon at the same time, but in one or two minutes I can see that
> that tor-node become as my exit-node again.
> How can I to overcome that?!

The way you overcome that is you get more people to run fast exit relays
for the Tor network.

Right now not enough people do, so you end up using blutmagie a lot.

The Tor network is a community, and it sure does need to grow if it wants
to handle all the people who want safety around the world.


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