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Tor and are out

Tor fixes a critical bug in how directory authorities
handle and vote on descriptors. It was causing relays to drop out of
the consensus.

Tor fixes yet another instance of broken OpenSSL libraries
that was causing some relays to drop out of the consensus.

(Windows bundles will be available whenever Andrew gets around to making
them; we're trying to stick to a policy of announcing alphas on time
rather than waiting for every package.)


Changes in version - 2010-04-20
  o Major bugfixes:
    - Many relays have been falling out of the consensus lately because
      not enough authorities know about their descriptor for them to get
      a majority of votes. When we deprecated the v2 directory protocol,
      we got rid of the only way that v3 authorities can hear from each
      other about other descriptors. Now authorities examine every v3
      vote for new descriptors, and fetch them from that authority. Bugfix
    - Fix two typos in tor_vasprintf() that broke the compile on Windows,
      and a warning in or.h related to bandwidth_weight_rule_t that
      prevented clean compile on OS X. Fixes bug 1363; bugfix on
    - Fix a segfault on relays when DirReqStatistics is enabled
      and 24 hours pass. Bug found by keb. Fixes bug 1365; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes:
    - Demote a confusing TLS warning that relay operators might get when
      someone tries to talk to their OrPort. It is neither the operator's
      fault nor can they do anything about it. Fixes bug 1364; bugfix

Changes in version - 2010-04-15
  o Major bugfixes:
    - Directory mirrors were fetching relay descriptors only from v2
      directory authorities, rather than v3 authorities like they should.
      Only 2 v2 authorities remain (compared to 7 v3 authorities), leading
      to a serious bottleneck. Bugfix on Fixes bug 1324.
    - Fix a parsing error that made every possible value of
      CircPriorityHalflifeMsec get treated as "1 msec". Bugfix
      on Rename CircPriorityHalflifeMsec to
      CircuitPriorityHalflifeMsec, so authorities can tell newer relays
      about the option without breaking older ones.
    - Fix SSL renegotiation behavior on OpenSSL versions like on Centos
      that claim to be earlier than 0.9.8m, but which have in reality
      backported huge swaths of 0.9.8m or 0.9.8n renegotiation
      behavior. Possible fix for some cases of bug 1346.

  o Minor features:
    - Experiment with a more aggressive approach to preventing clients
      from making one-hop exit streams. Exit relays who want to try it
      out can set "RefuseUnknownExits 1" in their torrc, and then look
      for "Attempt by %s to open a stream" log messages. Let us know
      how it goes!
    - Add support for statically linking zlib by specifying
      --enable-static-zlib, to go with our support for statically linking
      openssl and libevent. Resolves bug 1358.

  o Minor bugfixes:
    - Fix a segfault that happens whenever a Tor client that is using
      libevent2's bufferevents gets a hup signal. Bugfix on;
      fixes bug 1341.
    - When we cleaned up the contrib/tor-exit-notice.html file, we left
      out the first line. Fixes bug 1295.
    - When building the manpage from a tarball, we required asciidoc, but
      the asciidoc -> roff/html conversion was already done for the
      tarball. Make 'make' complain only when we need asciidoc (either
      because we're compiling directly from git, or because we altered
      the asciidoc manpage in the tarball). Bugfix on
    - When none of the directory authorities vote on any params, Tor
      segfaulted when trying to make the consensus from the votes. We
      didn't trigger the bug in practice, because authorities do include
      params in their votes. Bugfix on; fixes bug 1322.

  o Testsuite fixes:
    - In the util/threads test, no longer free the test_mutex before all
      worker threads have finished. Bugfix on
    - The master thread could starve the worker threads quite badly on
      certain systems, causing them to run only partially in the allowed
      window. This resulted in test failures. Now the master thread sleeps
      occasionally for a few microseconds while the two worker-threads
      compete for the mutex. Bugfix on

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