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Re: Firefox configurations for tor with Mac ppc

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Am 22.04.10 09:05, schrieb zzzjethro666@xxxxxxxxxxxx:
> Hi and thanks for your response. I just want to be sure I understand what you are saying so please excuse my denseness.
> the extension.torbutton configs I sent above are all different on my Mac so I am assuming you mean I should change my mac to 
> match the "state settings" as you called them. Is that correct?
No, i mean NOT to play around with those since they are used by
torbutton internaly. (eg, disable TOR, go to about:config, check them.
Then enable TOR with torbutton go to about:config again (be sure to
reload that page) and check them again. They should now be changed.
disable tor again and they should go back to original.)
> And what about "mailto", "news", "nntp" and "snews"? I should I make my mac true for them all?

> And of course for the first two, concerned with safebrowsing, should I change my mac?
Yes. if your concerned about safebrowsing change them.
> I had found Firefox configuration settings on the Hidden Wiki, that had recommended that network.protocol-handler.external-default be set at "false" 
> and all subsettings for network.protocol-handler.external-default be set to "false".
> There are 16 of them; afp, data, disk, disks, hcp, help, javascript, mailto, moz-icon, ms-help, news, nntp, shell, snews, vbscript and vnd.ms.radio.
I think the hidden wiki suggestion is correct. this will make FF not
open any external apps at all. opening external apps can be dangerous
since no one knows if those external apps use tor or not and they could
do even more evil stuff.
> Subsequently, network.protocol-handler.warn-external-default was to be set at "true", with all subsettings also set to "true".

> There are four: mailto, news, nntp and snews.
Actually, doing some google search i found out those settings are
bugged. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=440892
Playing with them had no effect on my system which i dont like.
If they WOULD work, i suggest to change them, since then you get at
least a warning window before open external applications.
If you set external apps handlers to false as suggested by the hidden
wiki, those settings don't do anything.

- From a reply to that bug it apears to me, that the torbutton people
dealed with the problem in some way, but i didnt mind enough to dig
deeper :-p
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