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[tor-talk] Another security program

A bank that holds one of my credit cards is now suggesting very strongly that it's users install a program called Trusteer Rapport which they say will protect against keystroke loggers, man-in-the-middle attacks, phishing and counterfeit websites and many of the most sophisticated trojan horse malware. They say it runs alongside the present firewall and anti-virusware in my present browser(i.e. "IE", Firefox, Chrome in Windows or good browsers on Apple machines). It communicates behind the scenes with the banks servers when connected to a website of a participating bank. Their website is <http://www.trusteer.com/landing/bankofamerica>

Has anyone investigated whether this software is compatible with Tor and whether the ability to protect against many of the weak links in the user's computer is worthwhile? Since it only works with subscribing banks, it does nothing for most browsing, for one thing.

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