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Re: [tor-talk] built-in tor2web functionalities into TOR?

> That's the reason for which it would be really nice to see tor2web
> concept directly implemented in Tor, in order to support the diffusion
> of anonymous publishing capabilities.

You still haven't answered intrigeri's question - in what way are you
suggesting that tor2web is "implemented in Tor"? Are you suggesting
for Tor exits to accept external connections on port 80/443 to deliver
the service? If so, then there's quite a few problems. Off the top of
my head there's...

- How would non-Tor users find the set of exits providing the tor2web service?
- This would consume exit relay bandwidth which is already constrained.
- These exit operators would be accepting a huge risk of being shut
down. We're already subjected to legal threats and actually hosting
all HS content would be much, much worse. Iirc tor2web already
blacklists hidden services they get complaints about and we do *not*
want to be forced to dabble in any form of censorship.

tor2web provides a great service, but I don't see why it belongs in
Tor itself. -Damian
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