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[tor-talk] built-in tor2web functionalities into TOR?

Hi all,

I am wondering whether for the Tor Project goals the functionality of
Tor2Web can be considered a milestone to be reached or if it's up the to
the community to grow a network of software running tor2web systems.

I mean, it would be possible to envision the inclusion of tor2web
features into Tor, even if disabled by default?

That's because at globaleaks we are organizing the development a new
concept leaking project (i tell you, it's still early-alpha stage,
website is getting reworked) called GlobaLeaks (http://www.globaleaks.org /
http://trac.globaleaks.org) that leverage existing anonymous
technologies such as:
- TOR2web

For the anonymous private and public publishing of leaks Tor2Web is
extremely relevant.
In order to properly distribute the risk of all players involved into
the leaking chain
it's important that the tor2web network grow to a high number of nodes.

In such leaking model the anonymous publishing capabilities provided by
tor2web along with tor hidden services it's very relevant as it allow a
leaking node to be run by anyone just by having a home computer with
vidalia and globaleaks software running (the sw still don't exist, we're
organizing better the project) without registering ip addresses, domain
names, servers, etc
It could open-up distributed local leaking, effective at local level
supported by local activists by reducing the entrance barrier to setup a
leak site.


p.s. The project is really re-organizing after some months of discussion
on the leaking methodology model, we hope within summer to be up and
running with some knowledge base and software released
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