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Re: [tor-talk] built-in tor2web functionalities into TOR?

On 4/19/11 11:36 AM, intrigeri wrote:
> Hi Fabio,
> Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) wrote (18 Apr 2011 21:09:27 GMT) :
>> I am wondering whether for the Tor Project goals the functionality
>> of Tor2Web can be considered a milestone to be reached or if it's up
>> the to the community to grow a network of software running tor2web
>> systems.
>> I mean, it would be possible to envision the inclusion of tor2web
>> features into Tor, even if disabled by default?
> What do you exactly mean by "inclusion of tor2web features into Tor"?
> Including a forwarding web proxy into Tor proxies and/or bridges?
> If so, how do you intend to make every such proxy reachable by
> non-Tor-users?

That's exactly the goal of tor2web, to enable non-Tor-users to reach Tor
Hidden Service (websites).

The use and anonymity profile is very different because:
- The Publisher has to be anonymity Protected
- The Internet Non-Tor Reader is half-anonymity protected (due to the
tor2web nodes being able to know the user IP address)
- The Tor Reader is fully anonymity protected

But if you want to spread something that's Anonymously Published on a
Tor Hidden Service trough existing social networks (twitter, facebook,
etc) then you need to support also Internet Users without Tor to be able
to access Tor Hidden Services.

This could open very powerful services given the fact that anyone can
implement sites (such as Leak sites) that are directly internet exposed
without even registering a domain name or a public IP address.

This allow the anonymous publisher to be able to expose it's own content
without registering any assets or paying any services, thus removing
most of the traceability risks.

That's the reason for which it would be really nice to see tor2web
concept directly implemented in Tor, in order to support the diffusion
of anonymous publishing capabilities.

I just wanted to know if Tor Project think it's something that in future
can be done, or if it's up to the Tor2web network to make it growing "on
top of existing tor clients" as a separate community.

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