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[tor-talk] Tor IM Bundle

Hi there,

I am new and searched the archives to find this before I asked but couldn't find the answer.

I ask your forgiveness please if it is somewhere there but I couldn't find it. Thank you.

I am just wondering, I have the Tor IM Browser Bundle with Firefox and Pidgin and am taking it off my old computer before I give my computer away.

If I just delete the Pidgin folder that is self contained in the Tor Browser folder will that be enough to delete my Pidgin chat logs that I saved?

Or are they saved in another place?

Also, is there any browser history that I might need to delete?

Again, I am very sorry that I couldn't find this answer and I very much appreciate any assistance you could provide.

I would like to give my computer away to someone who doesn't have a computer and if I could delete these pidgin chat logs first that would be great.

Thank you,
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