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[tor-talk] endless list of scrubbed circuits

Using vidalia bundle 0.2.10 / 0.2.30 w/ Torbutton 1.3.2a in Vista x64, Firefox 4.0

Loading the simplest web page (no busy sites, no d/l sites, etc.) is incredibly slow, & usually times out. Much slower than I've ever seen it unless there was something wrong w/ internet conn in general. Seems like it started when upgraded (actually did clean install) of latest Vidalia bundle. Not a one time thing - have tried it on diff days at diff times - always slow.

Software seems to be loading OK - Tor, vidalia, polipo are all running. Tor chk sites confirm using Tor exit node.

There's an endless, constantly increasing list of scrubbed circuits - like below. It just keeps going thru them like a ticker tape. "Apr 08 14:36:37.277 [Notice] We tried for 15 seconds to connect to '[scrubbed]' using exit 'politkovskaja'. Retrying on a new circuit."

NOTE: I CAN connect to some sites using Tor - so it IS working, it's just so slow, apparently because of all the scrubbed circuits, it's of no use for anything.

Any ideas what's causing this behavior? I did uninstall / reinstall tor bundle. Have closed Tor & browser, then restarted - no joy.

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