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Re: [tor-talk] To Toggle, or not to Toggle: The End of Torbutton

On Monday 11 April 2011 19:33:08 Mike Perry wrote:
> The reason I am discussing this in so much detail here is because I
> believe there is a chance that there are users out there who rely on
> the toggle model and/or their OS Firefox build, and may be confused or
> enraged by the new model. I'm asking this list to get an idea of how
> many of those users there are, and to try to understand what the
> overall costs of this sort of migration are.
> I also ask this because I am a heavy user of the toggle model myself,
> and abandoning it is sort of a leap of faith for me, too.
> So can anyone bring up any specific issues that may be caused by the
> change?

I run Tor, Privoxy, and Firefox on DragonFly. I also run Konqueror on both 
DragonFly (KDE 4) and Ubuntu (KDE 3; I haven't updated it in too long). I 
leave Tor enabled in Firefox all the time, and the sites I need to bypass Tor 
for (Wiktionary, since I'm a Wiktionarian, localhost, and a few others) are 
listed in the Privoxy conf. Also localhost is exempt from Ubuntu's Konqueror, 
since if I ran it through Privoxy it would look at the DragonFly box, not the 
Ubuntu box. I've been annoyed several times by Tor coming up disabled and by 
tabs which I opened in Tor mode not coming up, when I thought I told it to 
bring them up.

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