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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Browser Bundle for Windows with Firefox 4

* m.kasperek@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <m.kasperek@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2011:04:21 19:00 +0200]: 
> When will Firefox 4 be included in the Tor Browser Bundle for Windows? I love
> the Tor-made version of Firefox Portable as it doesn't install system-based
> plugins and extensions!


I'm the main developer of the Tor Browser Bundle and there were some weird
issues with making it work on Windows, but I spent the past 2-3 days fixing
that (and a bunch of other backend stuff). I'm going to smooth out the
remaining bits, test it some more, and I hope to have it out very soon --
probably within a day or two, barring any further issues. I'll make sure to
announce it here too, as well as the blog, since I think you're not the only
one impatiently waiting for it. :)


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