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Re: [tor-talk] To Toggle, or not to Toggle: The End of Torbutton

* Jérémy Bobbio <lunar@xxxxxxxxxx> [2011:04:14 08:29 +0200]: 
> Here is a possible solution that quickly came to me, but I have no real
> clue on how much work it would need (and if every party involved would
> accept it):
>  1. Apply specific Tor patches against Firefox 4 in Debian iceweasel
>     package. The changes that are not compatible with the common case
>     would need to be activated by a command-line switch or a specific
>     configuration option.
>  2. Keep xul-ext-torbutton in Debian. It would be modified in the
>     way that it would not appear at all in the usual browser if
>     the previous command-line switch or specific configuration
>     option is not active.
>  3. Create a new Debian package, something like "tor-browser" that
>     would add a new menu entry labeled "Tor Browser" and that would
>     start Iceweasel with a dedicated profile and the specific "Tor"
>     switch.
> Actually, it might be better to provide Torbutton in the "tor-browser"
> package. Provided that it ships a dummy package "xul-ext-torbutton" as
> an upgrade path.
> Does this sound like a bad idea? Too much work?
> (Input from Weasel and Erinn would probably be welcome.)

Hi Jérémy,

I actually really like this idea. Getting Debian to apply our patches to
Iceweasel would also have the positive side effect of us finally being able to
drop Polipo as part of our Debian & Ubuntu instructions (provided Ubuntu also
applies the same patches), which would achieve our long-standing goal of having
our Debian/Ubuntu packages work smoothly and out of the box. 

I think providing Torbutton in the tor-browser package, or having
xul-ext-torbutton provide a menu entry might be the better solution. (I don't
actually know if packaged Firefox extensions are "allowed" to add menu
entries.) I'd be shocked if FTPMaster let us put a tiny tor-browser package in
the archive. :)

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