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[tor-talk] GSoC - Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit

Hello everyone !
I'm Julien Voisin, a french GSoC student, and I'll be working on
the Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit (MAT) this summer.

I'm using free softwares on a daily basis,
and I'm glad I can contribute back !

My plan about the MAT is to deliver at
the end of this summer a nice application in
three parts :
- a GUI
- a CLI
- a library for accessing/modifying metadata

It should be able to :
- remove meta/anonymise a file
- removemeta/anonymise recursively a whole folder
- dealing with archives
- securely remove files
- let the user modify/customise meta
and of course, testable, extensible, and portable.
All of this using Python :)

I'm hanging around on #tor-dev and, #tor with the nick "jvoisin".
I'll use a blog (http://mat-tor.blogspot.com/) for keeping
you updated about my progress.

Have a nice day :)
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