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[tor-talk] GSoC Student Introduction: GTK+ Frontend and, Client Mode Improvements for arm

Hi everyone,

I'll be working on arm this summer with Damian Johnson. My project is to
implement the following items in arm:

 * A GTK+ frontend for enhancing its appeal for casual users
 * Client mode improvements:
 -- More details in the header regarding Tor-related info such as
    HTTP/SSL/Socks proxies, DNS listener and proxy ports etc. Ports
    shall be scanned to determine whether these services are running.
 -- Allow users to request new identity.
 -- Implement path selection for specifying constraints such as number
    of hops in each circuit, entry/middle/exit countries, excluded
    countries and number of countries and oceans traversed by the path.
 -- A simple configuration interface for setting up Tor in bridge/relay
    mode. UPnP shall be used to make the process as painless as possible
    for the users.

I write a blog at [1] which I shall be keeping regularly updated with
GSoC progress. There's an archive for GSoC related posts at [2] (which
also contains the posts from my last year's participation in the
program). The complete proposal for my project can be read at Google
Docs [3] or downloaded from [4].

I can be found idling on Freenode and OFTC in #gsoc, #tor and
#tor-dev. I'm also subscribed to tor-talk and tor-dev. It's really
exciting to be a part of the Tor community and I plan on sticking around
after the summers as well in order to continue contributing to this
wonderful piece of software.

[1] http://inspirated.com/
[2] http://code.inspirated.com/gsoc/
[3] http://tinyurl.com/krkhan-tor-gsoc-11
[4] http://inspirated.com/uploads/tor-gsoc-11.pdf

Kamran Riaz Khan.


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