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Re: [tor-talk] Users profiling through personÐl banners filtering settings

On 29/04/2011, zzretro999@xxxxxxxxxxxx <zzretro999@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Why does Tor Browser bundle
> come with Java Script enabled?

Well, I'm not totally sure, since I'm not one of the ones who made the
Tor Browser Bundle, but I suspect it has something to do with
usability. Because, you know, a lot of websites break if you disallow
JavaScript. If you don't like it, you can either add NoScript and
configure it yourself, or get JonDoFox and tell it to use Tor. The
JonDoFox people have even made an effort to make their browser use
Torbutton HTTP headers while in Tor mode, although it could of course
get out of sync. Anyway, JonDoFox is configured to block all
JavaScript, except from whitelisted sites, by default; the same for
cookies; ad-blocking; etc.
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