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Re: [tor-talk] Absence of digital signature of TBB sources

* Robert Ransom <rransom.8774@xxxxxxxxx> [2012:04:04 10:44 +0000]: 
> On 2012-04-04, James Brown <jbrownfirst@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Very sorry for creating a new topic, but that issue still don't resolve.
> > As I wrote earlier (
> > https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-talk/2012-March/023755.html )
> >   there is no digital signature of the latest sources code of the TBB.
> The Git tag is signed.
> The official TBBs are built from the sources in Git, not from the
> tarballs.  There probably shouldn't be any release tarballs for TBB
> source code.

Agreed. As for now, I've re-signed the current tarball, but for the next
release the website will be updated to only refer to the git tag and tarballs
will be discontinued.

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