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[tor-talk] Controller password - ARM

Greetings all,

Since I've upgraded Tor from to using the tor-devel
port on my FreeBSD server I've not been able to use the Anonymous Relay
Monitor (ARM) anymore because of this 'Controller password' issue..
On my server (terminal only) I was running Tor with ARM as a front-end to
keep check on things.. Since the upgrade from Tor there was an added
authentication method that required an upgrade for ARM as well which I did
thanx to Damian.. However ARM now asks for this 'Controller password' on
startup with the following two responses; Password found in
'/var/db/tor/.arm/armrc' was incorrect.. or Unable to authenticate: no
passphrase provided..

I'm not running Vidalia which I believe sets random passwords to
communicate with Tor..

My question is how do I get around this running just Tor with ARM on a
terminal only server..

Many thanx in advance for any input..

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