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Re: [tor-talk] access sites

On Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 04:15, Ted Smith <tedks@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Yes, with Turkey, Russia, Italy, and China just below Germany in that
> same table.
> I suppose people trying to use the Internet anonymously in those
> countries are just "privacy enthusiasts"?

I assume that it's different for each country. For China and Turkey,
it's probably mostly state-wide firewall circumvention, for Russia —
paranoia and enthusiasts, for Italy I have no idea about the situation

> (Also, have you missed the mail *on this list* from .mil domains?)

There is Paul Syverson, who works at NRL, if I am not mistaken; did I
miss anyone else?

Maxim Kammerer
Liberté Linux (discussion / support: http://dee.su/liberte-contribute)
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