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Re: [tor-talk] Tor relay data usage

On 4/12/2012 3:57 PM, Anthony Papillion wrote:

Am 12.04.2012 05:16, schrieb Anthony Papillion:
So i set up a Tor relay a few hours ago (around 3:30, it's 10:15 now)
and, so far, it's used about 700mb of traffic (about 350 up and
down).Is this normal or do I need to tweak something?
Do you want more or less traffic? What are your current setting of the
various BandwidthRate options?
Well, right now, I'd like it to use less. Mostly because I'm on an AT&T DSL line and capped at 100gb of traffic before they charge me more. Right now, Tor looks like it's on track to use ~1gb a day which is only ~30gb a month but I'm not sure I want it to use that much all the time.
My bandwidth is set to>1.5 so I assume I just need to bring that down and I'll be good to go, right?

There are two ways to do this, either by capping the average bandwidth that Tor uses to relay, or by setting the relay to go into hibernation after a certain amount of data has been relayed. Assuming you only want Tor to use about 30GB of data per month, you could set "RelayBandwidthRate 12 KB" in your torrc; although this isn't a strict cap, Tor will automatically average out bandwidth usage for relayed traffic to this rate. Alternatively, you can set "AccountingMax 30 GB" and "AccountingStart month 1 0:00" in the torrc, which will cause Tor to stop relaying traffic after using 30GB of data in a 28-day period, without limiting the bandwidth within that period. You can also set both as a safety measure, although it's a bit redundant.

Since 12 KBps is sort of a sad rate for a relay, I'd probably go the second route in your case and just set a monthly accounting limit, leaving the rate uncapped unless Tor is interfering with your normal internet activities (in which case, I'd set it to, say, 80% of your provider's advertised bandwidth, or whatever else you find appropriate, which will limit Tor enough to leave your internet connection usable, but still run up against the limit set by AccountingMax eventually).

~Justin Aplin

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