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Re: [tor-talk] Is Tor's encryption weak?

On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 10:48:12PM -0400, hikki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I've heard from several places that Tor's encryption is pretty weak for the recent standard.
> I don't know much about the encryption Tor uses, hence why I ask: Is Tor's encryption weak?

If you want a serious answer, please cite the sources of those several opinions.
Then someone can refer you to the appropriate paper or FAQ where that opinion 
has already been discussed, or if a new weakness has been found then folks in 
Tor Project can analyze and add it to the priority tasks to fix.

If you are wondering whether to rely on Tor for your purposes, 
read the documentation about how it works 
and ask questions about specific aspects that you don't understand.  
Also ask knowledgeable people you already trust to help you understand,
but be aware of any conflict of interest someone giving an opinion may have.

There are many parts of Tor and its associated software that use encryption,
and in each part the designers try to make it as strong as possible
while still keeping the software usable and performing well enough 
for its intended users - the people identified in the Who Uses Tor web page.

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