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Re: [tor-talk] problem with cache preferences in TBB

> Hi
> the IP anonymity test at http://ip-check.info/ suggests that
> browser.cache.memory.enable
> should be set to 'false'. in TBB from
> about:config I set it to false but
> on every restart it is set again to
> 'true' (however this is not the case
> for browser.cache.disk.enable
> which is also suggested by the test to be set
> to 'false'). Does
> anybody know what settings to change such that the value
> is not reset
> to 'true' on every restart of TBB? Also, is there any specific
> reason
> why the above mentioned preferences are not set to 'false' by default
> in TBB?
> thanks
> HT

ip-check.info does only partially support Tor.

Review https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser/design/ on Tor Browser implementation status. (Search for "cache", you'll find.)

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