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Re: [tor-talk] problem with cache preferences in TBB

On 4/14/2012 2:29 PM, hepta tor wrote:
the IP anonymity test at http://ip-check.info/ suggests that
browser.cache.memory.enable should be set to 'false'. in TBB from
about:config I set it to false but on every restart it is set again to
'true' (however this is not the case for browser.cache.disk.enable
which is also suggested by the test to be set to 'false'). Does
anybody know what settings to change such that the value is not reset
to 'true' on every restart of TBB? Also, is there any specific reason
why the above mentioned preferences are not set to 'false' by default
in TBB?
Do you have any other addons installed (like Fasterfox) or something that might be over riding the changed settings? After you make the changes in about:config, close the window then close FF. Open the file prefs.js in the main profile folder, where you extracted the TBB files (it the Profile under "Firefox Portable\....).
Search for the strings you changed & see if they exist.

The only other thing I can think of is TBB devs put instructions somewhere else to set the options you mention to the values you see, each time it starts.
Memory cache is ENABLED by default in my latest ver of TBB.

I can see browser.cache.disk.enable being False (not writing anything to disk, for privacy), but I don't see why using memory cache is a threat & not sure you should disable it. Maybe someone else can answer that.

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