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Re: [tor-talk] Problem with TransPort etc.

Am Sat, 21 Apr 2012 18:17:01 +0200
schrieb Anders Andersson <pipatron@xxxxxxxxx>:

> On this server, Tor is running fine, with the following in torrc:
> TransPort 10.x.x.x:19050
> DNSPort 10.x.x.x:19053
> VirtualAddrNetwork
> 10.x.x.x is that server's address on the LAN. 'netstat' shows that
> Tor is listening on these ports.
> On my client machine, I have created a user called 'torvm'. I have
> added these two iptables rules:
> # iptables -A OUTPUT -t nat -p tcp -m owner â-uid-owner torvm -j DNAT
> --to 10.x.x.x:19050
> # iptables -A OUTPUT -t nat -p udp --dport 53 -mowner --uid-owner
> torvm -j DNAT --to 10.x.x.x:19053

I don't know DNSPort behavior, does 19053 listens to UDP only? Maybe you
need DNAT port 53 TCP traffic to that port too, since DNS answer packets
exceeding one UDP packet size go trough TCP...



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