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Re: [tor-talk] Where to get latest exe for Tor obfsproxy browser bundle


Please don't crosspost to multiple places. This generates more work for
volunteers trying to help you. This is definitely NOT a development
related question, so there was no reason to spam tor-dev with it.

EITHER post your question to tor-talk, or to the support team at help@rt.

On 09.04.2013 13:34, chandra mohan wrote:
>         I tried to download executable for Tor obfsproxy browser bundle
> from
> https://www.torproject.org/dist/obfsproxy/tor-obfsproxy-browser-bundle-2.3.12-4-en-US.exe
> .
> But getting message the webpage cannot be found.
>          So from where I can download latest Tor obfsproxy browser bundle?

I don't remember there ever being a /dist/obfsproxy/ directory. The
latest version is (always) linked from

Moritz Bartl
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