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Re: [tor-talk] Roger's status report, Mar 2013

On 11.04.2013 11:11, Bernard Tyers - ei8fdb wrote:
>> http://freehaven.net/~arma/slides-mar13.pdf
> Maybe a silly question, but what do the blue and red dots signify on 
> the "directly connecting users from..." graphs?

The dots indicate possible "censorship events". You can enable them at
https://metrics.torproject.org/users.html . More information in
http://research.torproject.org/techreports/detector-2011-09-09.pdf .

> Is help@xxxxx a public list anyone can join?

help@xxxxx goes to a software called Request Tracker, which is a
ticketing system. It is not open to the public, mostly because users
tend to write sensitive information (Hi, I am Hussein Millegram, an
activist from Syria, ...). Some people called "support assistants"
answer the tickets. A monthly report about the "help desk" is written by
Runa (and the support assistants) and goes to the tor-reports list.

>> 2) I've been bad at letting jobs@xxxx mails pile up (since we don't have
>> anybody whose job is to handle jobs).
> jobs@ is for jobs AT Tor? Or something else?

Yes, jobs at Tor. It is meant to be used by people who apply for jobs
listed at https://www.torproject.org/about/jobs.html.en .

Moritz Bartl
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