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Re: [tor-talk] Bridge Communities?

On 04/12/2013 10:27 PM, Mike Perry wrote:
Cool story bro.

I know.

We're worried about these things too, I guess.

I believe it. I'm in the market for a bridge, if you'll sell one to me.

I mean, if killing us all is really the best way to stop Tor, then I
would submit to you that Tor is unstoppable. After all, network
engineers are basically throwaway commodities to the mexican mafia:

I mean, if they kill their*own*  codeslaves^Wemployees, what exactly do
you think murdering us will accomplish?

Well, "killing us all" wouldn't be necessary, just the core developers and the highest-profile advocates.

Minor contributors and patchers would be incapable of maintaining the project.

Still, the possibility is entirely within reason.

In the meantime, we have nothing to fear except fear itself. Oh, and
0day. Don't forget to ph34r the 0day. Turns out that shit costs way less
than high-profile assassination contracts (fortunately or unfortunately,
depending on your perspective :/).

Have you read about assassination markets? Are you familiar with that concept?

If you can use an anonymous assassination market to place bounties upon the heads of government officials, what makes you think they could not use the same systems to place bounties upon high-value activists?

P.S. If you're annoyed by this flippant response, it was given because
your rant is basically a long series of FAQs. There are ways to fix your
concerns but they require development effort, and in fact many of them
(including custom pluggable transports and private bridge distribution)
are already supported. For the others: Patches welcome.

I'm afraid I do not follow what you mean by "FAQs" since I do not see any overt interest (or developer consideration) concerning any of these features.

I have not seen any stable Tor client release notes announcing private bridge authority decentralization.

Did I misread something?

P.P.S. I'll leave the point-by-point discussion to the other NSA thread

I'm sure there are many NSA employees here. Contributions to cryptography make NSA awesome, but that is dramatically balanced by NSA wiretapping. My opinion of the NSA is thus ambivalent.

Though that is off-topic.
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