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Re: [tor-talk] Bridge Communities?

Thus spake Alex M (Coyo) (coyo@xxxxxxxxxxx):

> >P.S. If you're annoyed by this flippant response, it was given because
> >your rant is basically a long series of FAQs. There are ways to fix your
> >concerns but they require development effort, and in fact many of them
> >(including custom pluggable transports and private bridge distribution)
> >are already supported. For the others: Patches welcome.
> I'm afraid I do not follow what you mean by "FAQs" since I do not
> see any overt interest (or developer consideration) concerning any
> of these features.

If you have a specific list of design flaws that aren't couched in long
rants, we can perhaps help instruct you on how you might solve them in
your redesign with Mr Disney, or at least point you toward some tickets
you two should read and follow during that process.

Otherwise, thanks for your concern/veiled threats/trolling.

Mike Perry

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